environmental impact assessment guidelines india

The critical issues focused in all these guidelines are:

  1. Can the local environment cope with the additional waste and pollution that the project will produce?

  2. Will the project location conflict with the nearby land use or preclude later developments in surrounding areas?

  3. Can the project operate safely without serious risk of accidents or long- term health hazards?

  4. How will the project affect economic activities that are based on natural resources?

  5. Is there sufficient infrastructure to support the project?

  6. How much of the resources (such as water, energy etc) will the project consume, and are adequate supplies of these resources available?

  7. What kind of human resources will it require or replace and what will be its social impacts in the short/long-run?

  8. What damages will it inadvertently cause to the national/regional assets such as natural resources, tourist areas, or historic or cultural sites, etc? (UNEP 1988).


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