Dining Table Design and Sizes

Dining table size selection

Circular Dining Table Size

Circular dining table size

Once a circular table gets larger than 6′ in diameter conversation across the table.

Square Dining Table Size

Rectangular Dining Table Size

Dining Table Height

Dining tables tend to be made to a standard height of 30 inches (76cm).

Dining Chairs

When you’re choosing a table or chairs, always remember to think about how the chairs work with the table.

  • Dining chair seat height is usually 18″ (46cm) high.  Some tables have a kind of fringe under the table surface which strengthens the table but decreases the distance between knees and an obstruction.
  • Does the width of the chairs allow you to seat the number of people you want around the table and how do the chairs work with the spacing of the table legs?

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