curator hall

West asiatic or mesopotamian architecture started on 4000 to 2100 B.C. present day iraq and iran, The fertile land between the tigris and euphrates river who is been named “Mesopotamia or the land between two rivers”. The Mesopotamian cultures did great things by exploiting their rivers. They regulated them as best as they could and that made possible, a fertile and even Edenesque landscape. Within this landscape, they cultivated sufficiently abundant crops to permit the large-scale storage of surplus of food, in turn, permitted the growth of large urban populations and that corollary of urbanism: specialization.



Alluvial district of thick mud and clay deposited by the two great rivers. Such soil, in which no stone was found and no trees would grow, was eminently suitable for themaking of bricks, which thus became the usual building material in Babylonia.

*Chaldeaa – Walls were made from…

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